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Twisting tracks with an ear catching electronic beat and the humbleness of acoustic bass, Borneland brings soul to pop. Born and raised far from Copenhagens underground, in a village close to the sea, the two brothers Micki and Jonas are inseparable like force and matter, but still as distinct as fire and water. Having the same background within graphic design, sharing passion and taste for music - actually, the one cannot buy a t-shirt without having the others opinion - the similarities between them cannot be neglected. But the differences ... While one perfectionistically bleaches the keys for their beloved keyboard, the other enthusiastically teaches himself how to play bass. Exactly these differences are key to the magical and perfekt match between the brothers. Every show is carefully planned. In their shared calendar colourcodes applys for each activity, and you can be sure that for every dj-set they are armed with a screwdriver, a link cable, a flashlight and at least four identical usb keys (yes - four identical! Two backups, just in case)...




Mix 06 / Feb 13

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00:00 – Nacho Marco – Let's Go Silly feat. Sais & Fabiani (Aihki Remix)
05:30 – Rhye – The Fall (Maurice Fulton Remix)
11:30 – F3 – What You Need (Pete Oak Remix)
17:29 – Cromo7 – Don't Wanna Go Home feat. Carreyo (Edu. Homeless Remix)
21:35 – VKD Feat. Nick Nova – Rumour Has It (Alceen Remix)
27:27 – Moonwalk – Free From Your Love ft. Baraka (Original Mix)
32:29 – Barrington – Is It True feat. Daj (Forrest. Remix)
36:39 – Karmon – When Dark Becomes Light
43:35 – Kurt & Russell – Looking for the Real Thing (Original Mix)
48:55 – Gossip – Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix)
53:15 – Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive (Phonique Remix)
58:46 – Leslie Clio – I Couldn't Care Less (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)


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 01 February 2013  1h4m