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Ep. 46: A Walk With A Zombie

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... and by that I mean Halloween. Fuck Christmas. Special guests DJ Shat and Ms. 45 join me on this set for the zombie in all of us... Misfits - Astro Zombies - Grandpa Punk Zombies - King Kahn BBQ Show - Dj Shat Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Ervinna & The Stylers - Ms. 45 Demon Haunted World/Neon Gray - Night Birds - Grandpa Punk The Girl With The Octopus Arms - Covered in Bees - DJ Shat Killer On The Loose - Thin Lizzy - Ms. 45 Rites - Warthog - Grandpa Punk Everyone I Love Is Dead - Type O Negative - DJ Shat I’m Shakin’ - Little Willie John - Ms. 45 Human Fly - Cramps - Grandpa Punk Rock The Night - The Monsieurs - DJ Shat An Interlude from Dude Vampire - Devon Irons - Ms. 45 Bloodlust - Ink & Dagger - Grandpa Punk Death March - Faith No More - DJ Shat Curse of Milhaven - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Eyes of Death - Violent Minds - Grandpa Punk The Wolfman Kindly Requests… - Clutch - DJ Shat Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell - Ms. 45 Don’t Burn The Witch - Venom - Grandpa Punk In The Shadows - Stranglers - DJ Shat My Body’s A Zombie For You - Dead Man’s Bones


 30 October 2017  1h9m