Off the Record with Chuck Wicks

It's a long way from a potato farm in Delaware to the top of the country charts, but Chuck Wicks made the journey, and along the way has developed the reputation as a Renaissance man. A gifted singer, songwriter, devoted conservationist, triathlon competitor and acclaimed broadcast personality. Wicks tackles his multiple passions with humor, heart and an impressive work ethic. As co-host of The Nationally Syndicated Radio Morning Show "Ty, Kelly and Chuck," Wicks has proven he’s equally skilled on either side of microphone. Now join Chuck Wicks as he interviews fellow musicians and personalities on his brand new podcast “Off the Record with Chuck Wicks”. Contact: Executive Producer: Glenn Johnson - (



Walker Hayes "Off The Record"... Talking Sexy Crooked Noses & Taking Dirty Questions from Fans!

Walker Hayes "Off The Record"... Talking Crooked Noses and taking dirty questions from Fans!Pre-order Walker's Album today and download “You Broke Up With Me” and “Beautiful” instantly!


 10 October 2017  20m