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Ep. 45 - Mix Tape 7: New Shit, Different Toilet Paper

New Music from the Templars, Battle Ruins, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, No Time, Pressing On, Flowers of Romance, the Uglies and more… -Subscribe to the show on iTunes: -Like Us: Song - Artist Born To Loose - Bombers Caught Up In The Shit - Gutter Living Failure - The Uglies The Way It Is - Hard Pressed What's Your Excuse? - Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Future - Pressing On Coward - Warthog Police Dog - Flowers Of Evil Degenerate - No Time Slam Pig - Mongoloid Oi Drunx Spikey Punx! - Bad Engrish On The Ropes - On The Ropes My Kinda Scum - Enoch Ramone and The Ebola Boys What I'm Living For - Menudo death Squad Whitewash - Nosebleed Total Destruction - Disable Still Stuck - Prison Hit Wrong Place Wrong Time - Hellside Stranglers Devil's Hand - Templars Right And Reason - Shipwrecked Doctor Says - Eroders Headless Cock - Trampoline Team Lucky Knife - Liquids Numbing Agent - Lumpy & The Dumpers Glorious Dead Lay Under Waves - Battle Ruins


 08 October 2017  54m