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Lehmann Podcast #016 - Joachim Spieth

Welcome to episode #016 of Lehmann Podcast! This week I’m glad to present you a set by Joachim Spieth. Former a resident of Stuttgart he is now hailing from Berlin, where he runs his label Affin as well as it’s vinyl offspin Affin LTD. Active since 1995, Joachim has become a true pillar of the electronic community, releasing on labels ranging from Kompakt to Paso Music. Releases like his Sensual EP are played by the likes of Juan Atkins, Depeche Mode’s Martin L Gore or Scuba. Just now Rebekah included his Track „Nevermind“ in her contribution to CLRs new „Mind Set“ mix & compilation series. More Info on Joachim Spieth: http://joachimspieth.de/ http://affin-rec.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JoachimSpiethAffin https://soundcloud.com/joachim-spieth


 28 October 2014  1h0m