Tom Slatter's Sunday Bootleg

Every Sunday for a year, starting arbitrarily in the middle of November 2015, Tom Slatter will be sharing a 'bootleg' recording and some of the entirely true stories about what has happened to him before and after gigs.



Tom Slatters Sunday Bootleg Ep42 Simon Godfrey

The Sunday Bootleg Episode 42 - Simon Godfrey In which the following things occur: Tom reminds us of the origin of the insect creatures and what they've been up to Tom has a chat with Simon Godfrey about Simon's musical adventures and their mutual problems with their record label boss, David Elephant. Tom plays Simon's song 'Tea Head' from his album of rarities and obscurities 'The Black Back Archives Volume 2' Tom tells a little story about what he got up to after his last meeting with the evil label boss, David. You can find more of Simon's music at:


 16 September 2017  43m