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Behind the Scenes: How Excella Consulting built Skillustrator using ASP.NET Core, Azure and Docker

Located in Arlington Virginia, Excella Consulting hires software developers, business analysts and consultants from all around the DC metro area. Their employees work directly with their clients to provide custom software and tech solutions for various business problems.Going beyond recruiters and LinkedIn, its often a daunting task to identify new hires for projects, so Excella Consulting developed a technical solution for their own employees and for their growing list of clients to match up skills with new candidates or existing employees for new projects.Join Jerry Nixon and Shahed Chowdhuri as they welcome Wyn Van Devanter from Excella Consulting, as they discuss how they built Skillustrator using a ASP.NET Core and Azure.

  • [04:27] Tell us about this project Microsoft and Excella Consulting worked on together?
  • [06:03] What can you tell us about the technology behind Skillustrator?
  • [07:32] .NET Core can be used on multiple platforms correct? How did you utilize this feature for this project?
  • [10:41] How did you integrate Docker into this project? Was it difficult?
  • [12:10] How do container services and Docker relate for developers? What was your experience like working with Containers?
  • [17:37]  In your opinion, how difficult will it be for someone who is just starting out to develop within ASP.NET Core?
  • [23:13] What's the possibility of something like Azure Functions working in an app like this?
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 29 August 2017  33m