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Episode 44: Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Noise Annoys - Episode 44: Nazi Punks Fuck Off! ‘Nuff said… -Subscribe to the show on iTunes: -Listen Here: -Like Us: Song - Artist Bash The Fash - Oi Polloi Fascist Attitudes - Agnostic Front Anti-Klan Part 1 - Dicks All Wrong - Glory Fascist Pig - Suicidal Tendencies Die Nazi Scum - Pasmasters Bigot's Barrel - Swingin' Utters White Silence - Pure Disgust Nazi White Trash - Leftöver Crack Fight - G.L.O.S.S. Zyklon-B-Movie - Subhumans Blood Morons - Conflict Fucking Racist Maggots - A Global Threat The Only Good Fascist - Propagandhi You're Tripping - The Queers John Wayne Was A Nazi - Stains/MDC Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys New Aryans - Reagan Youth Manzanar - CH 3 Fuck Fascism - The Oppressed Bonehead - Rogue Trooper Good Night White Pride - Loikaemie Complicit - Cinderblock Fascist State - Asocial Fuck Nazi Sympathy - Aus-Rotten Fuck The KKK - The Unseen Fuck Racism - 7 Seconds


 17 August 2017  52m