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Behind the Scenes: How DroneWorks built a Safety Flight Platform for Industrial Drones using Azure IoT Hub

The drone industry is attracting the attention of many people who have innovative ideas for how to use them, and as a result many companies are now focusing on building new applications for them. According to a recent study, by 2030, fifty percent of the market for industrial drones will be focused on agriculture and photography. Unfortunately, there are currently no standardized safety mechanisms in place and these giant flying objects can be subject to hacking or malfunctioning. 

DroneWorks, located in Chiba, Japan, is currently working to fix that by building alliances with stakeholders to standardize manufactured drones and build an industrial drone flight controller and management system.Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the CEO of DroneWorks, Hironobu Imamura as well as Microsoft Technical Evangelists Kosuke Fujimoto and Hiroshi Ota, as they discuss how they worked together on a project to develop a management solution and malfunction prediction system using Azure IoT Hub and Azure Machine Learning.

  • [03:39] Tell us a little about DroneWorks. What do you do?
  • [05:02] What's the difference between industrial vs. commercial drones?
  • [06:18] What are some of the demands of flight controllers and why are they so difficult to make and make well?
  • [07:53] Can you describe what this solution looked like as well as how you used Azure IoT hub?
  • [09:50] When you went into this project, what were your expectations and were they met?
  • [13:20] What kind of scenarios can you see this being used?
  • [17:28] Describe the development experience while using new technology like Azure IoT Edge?
  • [18:53] What plans do you have for the future of DroneWorks?
Use the code and architecture from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.


 26 July 2017  22m