Ataana Badilli

Energyworks Radio with Ataana Gemstone Healing ~ Teaching Self Healing ~ Supporting Spiritual Journey ~ Energy Work Business Personal Growth ~ Attracting Soul Mate / Twin Flame ~ Feng ShuiClearing Preparing Sacred Space ~ Finding the Right Healing Crystal for Your Business Personal LifeAtaana is a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer who has traveled the world supporting individuals, groups and acclaimed spiritual leaders, visiting sacred places, activating new areas, as well as nurturing and strengthening his natural healing abilities.He can see all patterns and assists the individual or group through awareness to transform limiting actions and belief systems. In other words, he makes your journey transparent to you so you can decide for yourself what changes would be appropriate. It also opens the door to attract what really serves and to let go of non-serving patterns. In essence, he invites us to go deeper into the study and understanding of ones true self.Transformation is possible at any given stage or time. Ataanas greatest gifts are mastering systems understanding the raw materials and energetic blueprints of existence...



Energy Works Radio with Ataana - Activating Self-Healing & Awakening Your Potential: Let's Go Deep Into Energy Work - Call -in with Your Questions 800-930-2819

Ataana delves much deeper into the mantras and how to apply them. He will also take callers questions about energy work and how to apply Mantras to our daily lives. Call 800-930-2819 with your questions.


 28 November 2016  54m