Burak & Emre

Get your copy of "Awakening" here! ➨ https://infrasonic.choons.at/rattlesnake After starting their career in 2013, Burak & Emre have been in the front line of Turkey's modern trance scene and are sensationally continuing to make their energetic and melodic music reach to large masses. The effect of the record of Johan Gielen's 2002 Trance Energy performance the duo incidentally found at a very early age still continues to weave its relentless spell on them, that's why the Burak & Emre brothers are able to find the necessary inspiration in their career even after 17 years later. The older one Burak was DJing in his student years at university around 2007 when Emre had already begun to develop himself in production. Having reflected their diverse personal characteristics into their music through their weekly radioshow at Trance FM in 2011 before transforming into Burak & Emre, the brothers attracted a significant amount of attention and managed to create a small but loyal fanbase...




Burak & Emre - Whispers From Heaven Episode 159

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 07 May 2017  59m