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The Miracle of Marijuana! Am I Going to Jail After This Show?

Marijuana is becoming one of the most researched substance in regards to health and wellness today.  However, a lot of the discussion focuses on the legality of marijuana and the concern that it is a gateway drug to harder, more dangerous drugs. But, did you know that there is a component of cannabis that is legal in 50 states, is non addictive and also has many amazing health uses?  It's called CBD or cannabidiol.  Here to talk about this overlooked compound is Dawn Peacock Owens. Dawn is the Co-Founder of the CBD Talk Podcast and Haven CBD  Haven CBD was created to inform people with the most updated information on CBD and its uses.  Dawn uses her experience and invites those on the forefront of CBD research to prove the public with the information they need to make informed decisions for their use of CBD.


 01 May 2017  49m