VK0EK Expedition to Heard Island - 2016

After their successful expedition to Heard Island, the team arrived in Fremantle and took a few days to unwind. The Northern Corridor Radio Group (NCRG) hosted a BBQ at the Neil Penfold State Amateur Radio Centre where all 14 members of the team were interviewed on Saturday 23 April. Penguins, Seals, Glaciers and Gales made for a once in a lifetime adventure.




(KK6EK - Bob)

Dr. Robert Schmieder, KK6EK Bob is the founder and Expedition Leader of Cordell Expeditions, a nonprofit research group begun in 1977. The group is responsible for the creation of the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary and for numerous research expeditions to remote oceanic sites. Professionally he is a research physicist, with about 100 publications and four patents. He is the founder of NanoLogic Inc. He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and former Chairman of its Northern California Chapter. In over 30 years he has been listed in almost every Who's Who in the world. He is the owner and operator of a research vessel, the Cordell Explorer. Licensed since 1962, he holds Extra Class amateur license KK6EK. His specialty has been very large and complicated scientific expeditions and developing new communications technology for remote expedition sites. EXPEDITIONS Cordell Bank (California, 1977-1986 ) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Marine research Pt. Sur (California, 1987-1989) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Marine research North Farallon Islands (California, 1989) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Marine research Farallon Islands (California, 1989) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations and environmental science Guadalupe Island (Mexico, 1993) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations and environmental science Roqueta Island (Mexico, 1992) (Expedition Leader) Radio operations Castle Rock Island (California, 1992) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations Ventura Rocks (California, 1992) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations Rocas Alijos (Baja California, 1990 and 1993) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Marine research Peter I Island (Antarctic, 1994) (Participant) Radio operations (3Y0PI) and natural history Easter Island/Salas y Gomez (Pacific Ocean, 1995) (Co-organizer and Expedition Leader) Radio operations (XR0Y/Z), marine research, communications technology for expeditions Heard Island (Antarctic, 1997) (Co-organizer, Co-Expedition Leader) Radio operations (VK0IR) San Felix Island (Chile, 2002) (Participant) Radio operations (XR0X) and environmental research Kure Atoll (Hawaii, 2005) (Co-organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations (K7C) Clipperton Island (Pacific, 2013) (Organizer, Expedition Leader) Radio operations and environmental science BOOKS Ecology of an Underwater Island (1991) 3Y0PI Peter I Island 1994 DXpedition (1994) Rocas Alijos (1995) DX-Aku: Messages from the 1995 Easter Island DXpedition (1995) VK0IR Heard Island Expedition (1997) XR0X San Felix Island, Chile (2002) Great Adventures (Children's books) (2011) Edward Cordell and the Discovery of Cordell Bank (in press) Element: The Amazing Life and Work of Albert Ghiorso (in progress) HONORS Fellow, Explorers Club, 1986-present Expedition of the Year (Peter I 1994, Easter Island 1995, Heard Island 1997) Honorary Life member, Central Arizona DX Association Environmental Enrichment Award, International Underwater Foundation, 1995 Certificate of Merit, Chiltern DX Club, 1997 Amateur Radio Hall of Fame, elected 2011 Schmieder Bank (a rocky bank in the eastern Pacific) Codium schmiederi (an alga) Erylus schmiederi (a sponge) Pharia pyramidata schmiederi (a starfish) Megalomphalus schmiederi (a gastropod) PROFESSIONAL A.B. (Physics) Occidental College, 1963 B.S. (Physics) California Institute of Technology, 1963 M.A. (Physics) Columbia University, 1965 Ph.D. (Physics) Columbia University, 1969 Research Staff, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1969-74 Research Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, 1974-97 Founder, Expedition Leader, Cordell Expeditioins, 1977-present Founder, CEO, NanoLogic, 1997-present WEBSITES http://www.cordell.org (Cordell Expeditions) http://www.cordell.org/HI (Heard Island 1997) http://www.cordell.org/HD (Heard Island 2014) http://www.cordell.org/CI (Clipperton Island 2013) http://www.cordell.org/DXA (DXA) CONTACT 4295 Walnut Blvd. Walnut Creek, CA 94596 USA (925) 934-3735 Robert(at)schmieder.com...


 22 April 2016  14m