Inversion Mix Show

The Inversion Mix Show is Salt Lake City’s longest running dance music internet mix show. We highlight local and national DJs and electronic dance music producers with live mixes and discussions about current trends and topics in the EDM world. The Inversion Mix Show originally began as Guerrilla Radio in 2002 as a live Shoutcast streaming show. In 2008, SL Steez adjusted the format from a live streaming to a live studio show, giving him the ability to add interviews, guest mixes and discussions on current topics; creating the Tactical Assault Mix Show. Alongside co-host Psyonix, they strung together 4 years’ worth of episodes spanning all genres and a good majority of local SLC DJs and Producers. In 2012, Nate Lowpass replaced Psyonix as co-host, bringing the current format to life. As a complete update and refreshing, the Tactical Assault Mix Show went through a rebranding effort in June of 2015 and became what is now The Inversion Mix



Episode 80 feat Nate Lowpass + SL Steez

On Episode 80 of the Inversion Mix Show, we let the Inversionboys do their thing again.RIGHT CLICK AND CHOOSE "SAVE AS" TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE Open in iTunes TRACKLIST COMING SOON...FACEBOOK  /  TWITTER  /  INSTAGRAM  /  MIXCLOUD / iTunes


 06 April 2017  1h46m