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Episode 21: Spotlight on Texas, part 2

Episode 21 concludes our spotlight on surf and instrumental music from Texas.

Track list:

Holy Mountain Top Removers - "Pagoda Nods to Euphrates"

SEAWHORES - "Galaxifried"

The AmpFibians - "Enigma Of The Deep"

The Twisters - "Count Down 1-2-3"

The Rel Yea's - "Whirley Bird"

Rohny Lofton - "El Diablo"

The Sir Finks - "Action Reef"

The Plungers - "Spring Break"

Molly Maguires - "Tenderizer"

The Fat Man and Team Fat - "Space Jive"

The Gallows Drifters - "Blood Red Mountain"

Apache 65 - "Caballito Del Mar"

Death Valley - "Arnold's Wild Ride"

The Sandblasters - "Wave King"

Machete Western - "Saguaro Motel"

The Phantomatics - "The Good, The Bad, And The Mummy"

The Aquaholics - "El Nastito"

The Deadly Fathoms - "Outerspace Deathrace"

The Sandworms - "Cleaver The Clown"

The Neptones - "Sandstorm"

Soda Pop Spies - "Sting Ray"

Los Rauncheros - "Idol Hands"

Bert Wills - "Pavones Sunset"

Austin Transit Authority - "Elliot's Turbomachine"

The Really Rottens - "Starting Line"

The Avocados - "Wave Nugget"

The Frightened City - "Narco Squad"

The Gory Details - "Surf Sardonicus"


The Cornells - "Lone Star Stomp"

Holy Mountain Top Removers - "Dark Plumage Dans La Rue"

The Fat Man and Team Fat - "Esoteric Bulldozer"

The Fat Man and Team Fat - "In Front of Doc's"

Apache 65 - "Storyville"

The Sandworms - "Aztec Mummy Man"

The Frightened City - "Sputnik by Starlight"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.


 07 June 2016  1h24m