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Become a Manifesting Magnet With McCartney Green!

TWU Radio welcomes McCartney Green to the show!  McCartney is a writer, speaker and life transformation coach, and creator of Unshakeable Joy - 5 Keys to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet, an easy-to-implement formula to help people find true joy in their lives AND achieve their heart’s desires. She is the mother of 7, grandmother of 13, an ordained minister and author of 11 books.  McCartney’s personal mission is to first teach others that it is indeed possible to have a deep unshakeable joy that does not depend on outside circumstances,  and then to show them the REAL steps to take to accomplish just that.  McCartney’s formula has helped people to relieve sadness, hopelessness, depression, mend relationships, overcome traumas, and make people wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and raring to go. 


 16 November 2016  1h4m