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Episode 39: What’s Up with the DNC?!

As of this day, September 14 2016, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President. But the real question is: Did she win it fair and square? Was the tampering real? Was the blocking or not counting of votes an actual reality? Christine sits down with 3 local Whittierites, who went to the Democratic National Convention, to talk about the discrimination they faced, the heavily awaited roll call, and Bernie “The Man” Sanders. Mary Yoon, Roberto Alvarez, and Henry Huerta take some time to share the truth about what the mainstream media didn’t show us. Their Facebook: Mary Yoon: Blabbermouths for Bernie Roberto Alvarez: Roberto Alvarez Henry Huerta: Henry Huerta Huerta Follow us on social media: Facebook: Doctor Odyssey Instagram: @doctorodyssey tumblr: twitter: @doctor_odyssey email:


 14 September 2016  1h0m