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Blind Bargains Qast 58: The Ace Of Space

We're finally, and properly, back in the studio for a regular normal ordinary show this week. That isn't to say that our content is run of the mill however. We have Scott with a look at a new Amazon product, a tip for iOS, the Last Word" and more CSUN audio. no wait, um, we mean we have some last bit of CSUN audio from our sponsor HIMS up on the site this week. Namely, we have the first and second of their two CSUN presentations.
check them out and visit the HIMS site if you would like to know more about their innovative products. Sponsor: HimsGo make it happen with GoVision, the new transportable video magnifier from HIMS. With goVision you get all you'd expect from a transportable read, write and distance video magnifier with optical character recognition, plus the ability to enlarge and customize files, photos or videos from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Look at a slideshow of pictures from your vacation right from your thumb drive. Bring the world into focus with GoVision.For more information, call us at 888-520-4467 or visit us on the web at Lifestyle Innovation.In The News:The Writing is on Your Wall: Facebook Officially Announces Automatic Text DescriptionImprovements to Narrator in Windows 10Freedom Scientific Releases Another JAWS Update With Several Bug Fixes and ImprovementsSendero Releases Seeing Eye GPS 2.1.1 Bringing a 30-day Trial option and MoreGet Moving With Public app Transportation Moovit, now AccessibleFirst Public Beta of TalkBack 4.5 with Enhanced Web Support ReleasedGoogle Voice Access App Lets You Control Your Phone Entirely With Your VoiceGoogle promotes accessibility with new features for Android, Chrome OS, and Google DocsAMC, FX, and Others May Soon be Required to Provide Audio DescriptionDemonstration: The Amazon DotScott Davert
There are two new friends for Alexa now available from Amazon. Scott Davert has the Dot, with the other being the Tap, and he takes us on a tour of the unit's features. This is a good companion demonstration if you heard our interview with Liam "The Gadget Guy" earlier this year.Tip:In the latest versions of iOS 9.1x, you can now do a four finger swipe to switch between open apps. Simply place four fingers on the screen vertically, then swipe left or right on an open app. Sound Off;We want to thank all of you for posting our links, re-tweeting and sharing on various platforms our CSUN coverage and our April Fools CSUN coverage. We make this show for our community. and we enjoy that you enjoy what we do. Without all of you, we would not... okay could not... do the show. So keep sending in your feedback, comments, tweets, likes, dislikes and submissions to the BB Qast!From the Emails:Just wanted to say thanks for all the work that went into putting up the C Sun interviews. There was a lot and I know you guys probably ran your tails off. I would like to be able to afford to go one of these years.
RandeeKudos! Your Media Player is marvelous.
Thanks much!
Lynnette Tatum
Tech EnthusiastAnd from Twitter:@skipper8210: I think Intro of Orbit Reader from APH combined with iPhone SE may be an economical notetaking solution for some. I think atempts to make Braille affordable and focusing on specific feature sets is encouraging@djmacradio: now, if only @blindbargains made an apple watch compatible app so I could listen to the podcast and follow up with the latest tech newsAnd a couple about our April 1 show.@woodyanna: I loved your most recent podcast. Can t wait to buy Larry Skutchan s new screen reader.
@tiflomanolo: I really enjoy your retro technology podcast, it was a great idea! Looks like Larry Skutchan have a lot of fun too!the following came to Joe from a comment he made about Ricky considering retirement for her Guide Dog. This is an excerpt from the email that mentions something that came up on the tech radar, however, it got lost in all the CSUN talk. "Here s one thing you might want to research Joe and to you too Ricky.
I saw the following and there s a you tube video on it and there s also a dvs copy of the vidio out on you tube as well.
It s called Project Blaid and it is being developed by toyota.
It issome type of camera set up that you ware around your shoulders and or neck.
You can even push a button on the device and give it commands like you would your dog.
Like the magic command of find.
Or it will say that the door is behind you and to your left.
So, I wrote for further info on that.
You might want to check out the you tube link.
So we dog people need to stick together Ricky.
Ron and semi-retired current Leader dog Boz."Thanks Ron for sending that along and for jostling our memory about this technology. if we missed any other stories, post them in the comments below or send them along to please. Last Word:This may seem a bit confusing. Joe has audio links and J.J. has a story that remotely involves food. Must be all that California sun they absorbed last month playing havoc on who submits what. Dying Car Alarm Will Be your Next jam!
A duet made by the stars, the rock stars
Useless robot waiters fired for incompetence in Chinanext week, more news and another interview. And soon we shall visit another Galaxy. Except this one will NOT! involve placing microphones in a shower. Sorry... we can only void so many warranties a year around here.


 15 April 2016  59m